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Spotlight On Marble
Don Jacobson founded Venetian Natural Marble Company in 1964.  Don worked for many years at Vermont Marble and Musto-Keenan here in San Francisco.  The business of importing finished stone forced the closure of these large companies, leaving Don to create the family-owned and managed firm.  Their family-run business is one of their greatest strengths.
Serving both residential and commercial customers, they list many interior designers and general contractors as their clients, but work directly with homeowners on projects large and small.  They specialize in custom kitchens, baths, shower installations, fireplaces, floors, tabletops and stone furniture.
Today, Don’s sons Charles and Richard operate the company.  They continue to focus on offering the highest levels of customer service in the industry.  The varieties of stone they import and keep in stock continue to expand, although they have no expansion plans for the company.  They believe that personal service should include cutting, polishing, and repairs of customers’ stone.  They do all of the work in-house, with no cutting on the job site.
With the knowledge and experience needed to work the stone properly, Venetian Natural Marble Company assures their customers of lasting beauty and quality installation.

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Venetian Natural Marble Company, from Dynamic Installations in Majestic Mansion & Luxury Penthouses to Custom Chairs for Popes & Bishops the Standard of the Industry
By Dana Walsh
You may not be familiar with the name of The Venetian Marble Company but you’re no doubt familiar with its work.  If you’ve visited the Fairmont or the Saint Francis Hotel, worshipped at St. Mary’s Cathedral or admired the work of world renowned interior designers like the late Michael Taylor and Billy Gaylord, then you’ve seen the beauty of their product and the excellence of the craftsmanship at Venetian Marble Company.
Venetian has created dynamic installations in majestic mansions, luxury penthouses and prestigious commercial buildings throughout the City and the Bay Area.  Often Venetian’s entire crew is flown to cities throughout the United States, after a client has viewed their work in San Francisco and decided not to settle for work of a lesser degree of excellence.
The Venetian Natural Marble, established in 1964, generates the majority of their installations through referrals, word of mouth and from architects and designers who bring in project after project, confident from past experience that they will receive the best quality stone, the most exacting skills and a level of expertise that comes with the commitment of a company with over thirty years in the industry.
Reputation is the company’s greatest asset, a reputation that has developed over time,  in this family owned business, that is steeped in three generations of marble workers, a reputation that comes from a commitment to the philosophy that marble work is not just a trade, but an art.
When Pope John Paul II visited San Francisco, his special chair, designed for the occasion by Brother Joseph Aspel, was fabricated and installed by Venetian Marble.  This certainly indicates the high esteem this company has earned throughout the years.
Marble and granite used to be considered beyond the reach of the average homeowner.  But with the introduction of marble tile, which is less expensive to buy and easier to install than the traditional marble slab, it has become more accessible.  That’s good news.  The bad news is that some in the building trades think that marble tile can be used interchangeably with ceramic tile, whereas the marble itself and the techniques and materials with which it must be fabricated are quite different. Yet when marble of any type is used inappropriately or installed incorrectly, many problems arise. The result?  Marble gets a bad reputation.
This greatly concerns Charles Jacobson, the president of The Venetian Marble Company.  He hopes that the public will become more cognizant of the unique characteristics of stone products.  Jacobson has marble in his blood.  He’s been in the business since he was a boy, starting as a “gopher” in his father’s company, and learning every aspect of the business over the years. Three years ago, when his father retired, he took over the reins of the company.  His brother Richard, and uncle, Karl Aichinger, also work in the company.
And although Venetian Marble has an enviable list of high profile clients, it prides itself on being accessible to anyone who appreciates the beauty of stone and the importance of quality workmanship. Jacobson works directly with each customer, reviewing the details of the project to determine the most appropriate material, to verify measurements, and to work out a myriad of critical details of which only an expert is aware.  His expertise is invaluable.
Selecting the correct stone is critical for the success of the finished product.  If it isn’t suitable, its beauty may not be permanent. If what you’ve selected is inappropriate, Jacobson will tell you. He’ll suggest a stone with a similar look, but more fitting characteristics. And you won’t be shown a 16 inch square sample from which to make your selection.  You can walk among row after row of huge marble and granite slabs that are stored on site.
The Venetian Marble Company prefers to do the vast majority of its work in marble slab rather than marble tile.  Slab construction creates fewer joints and seams which results in both functional and aesthetic benefits.  Fewer joints mean fewer opportunities for leaks.  And the large uninterrupted designs within the marble are far more exciting visually than tiles.
The continuity of pattern that is possible when the large slabs are used is extraordinary, especially since the slabs are purchased in full cartons of panels that are cut from the same boulder.  Jacobson travels to Los Angeles when a new shipment arrives so he can hand select the marble.  If it doesn’t meet his approval, it stays and he goes, after making an order for a replacement shipment.  This seldom happens since his main source is one of the premier marble suppliers in the world, who boasts long standing relationships with the old Italian families who control the world’s finest marble.
Craftsmanship dominates The Venetian Marble Company picture. Jacobson takes pleasure in telling customers that his company can do what others have called impossible.  He cautions, “When you hear someone say it can’t be done, it may only mean that a less capable shop can’t do it.”  Perhaps this is why so many designers and architects use his company.
Venetian Natural Marble has the capability to do just about any job. Their machinery ranges from high tech, computer operated machines to the tried and true machines and tools used by craftsman from a former era.  Excellent craftsmanship is the primary trademark of the company, an expertise that has been developed over a lifetime, or in this case, a number of lifetimes, in the business.
There is absolutely no skimping on labor. Sometimes the design of a piece requires that the marble be scored and routed, and reinforced with aluminum bars to assure its stability and strength.  Detailed templates guarantee that all pieces will be fit perfectly. All cutting is done in the shop to exacting specifications, not on the job.
Every piece of marble and granite is adhered to the structure of the building by the strictest standards.  It goes without saying that all work is done to code.  Panels are wired and anchored, slabs are interlocked.  Adhesives are not enough. “I like to sleep at night,” say Jacobson. “And our commitment to strict safety standards allows me to do so.”
Aesthetics too, require exacting handwork.  Seemingly seamless joints, perfectly even surfaces and flawless pattern matching are the company trademarks.  No assembly line methods can be employed when working with a natural material that has the nuances of marble.
The beauty of marble has made it a material coveted throughout the ages; its strength allows it to endure the ravages of time.  The addition of marble or granite to your home will be a permanent one.  The Venetian Marble Company will insure that this addition will be done in accord with the highest standards in the industry.  From repairs of existing pieces to the construction of custom table tops and pedestals, from counter top replacements to rooms completely clad in marble, this is the premier company to call. 

Dear Charles and Richard,
I want to thank you so much for your many many hours of planning, fabricating and installing the marble for my kitchen and master bath.  You took two very intricate plans and a difficult site and performed magic.
It is exciting for a designer who loves stone and form combined to see the sculptural, artful and technically excellent result of your work.
Thanks you for your kindness and professional attitudes.  It is truly a pleasure working with you.
Marian Margetsen
Marian Margetsen Interiors

Dear Charles and Richard,
We want to “Thank You” for your professional services.  Your work is excellent and we truly appreciate the marble fireplace that you installed in our home.  It is a “Beautiful” addition to our life and we hope to do more business with you in the future.
Thank you once again and say “Hi” to your Mom!
Mary Ann

Hi Charles,

How wonderful to have our marble piece “at home” and looking so lovely!! Your workmanship is super.
Many thanks,
Bev & Dan

Dear Chuck & Rich:

Thank you both very much for the beautiful granite counters - your expertise really shows your workmanship.  I can't wait to have my house back (maybe one more month).  You will have to come back and see the end result.  Many thanks again.  I love the new counters.
Rose Marie Violante
P.S. I appreciate your rushing this job through your plant.

Dear Richard

Everyone who sees the kitchen counters, the hearth, and my desk loves the stone and the workmanship.  Many thanks to you, Chuck, your mom, Carl, Carlos and those whose names we don't know who have added so much to the beauty of our home.  Ron and I can't thank you enough, but we will try by recommending your wonderful family business with our warmest praise.  I'm hoping the two pieces of Verde Manikia you still have will work in the laundry room.

Dear Chuck, Rich, Lillian, Don and Staff:
Thank you for all of the quality products and craftsmanship you provided our company this past year! You guys are the best!  We wish you all the best of Peace, Love, Health, and Happiness in the coming New Year!
Happy Holidays,
Bruce Lloyd

Dear Charles, Mrs. Jacobson and Uncle Carl:
The granite looks superb in our kitchen!  You did such a great job, and Ralph and I are eternally grateful to all of you for being so accommodating in getting our kitchen done.  We know what a busy schedule you have.
We truly wish you and your families joyous holidays and a peaceful 2003.  Whenever we look at our beautiful "Star Wars" granite we shall remember you fondly.
With Best Wishes,
Elise & Ralph Kazanjian

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